Why we see flattened snakes in the road

If you put a snake in the fridge for a while then take it out, it will be sluggish because although their blood is cold, it can be too cold, depriving them of that striking energy we all love……………

Snakes’ bodies don’t have the ability to heat themselves up or maintain the optimal body temperature like ours do, so after they crawl out of their cold burrow from the night you will find snakes on top of bolders in the morning, slow moving, sun bathing themselves on the heat of the rock.

Another warm place they use to get warm in the morning is pavement. Where cars drive. Where they get warm, but flattened. That is why we see snakes run over in the middle of the road. Most likely it wasn’t crossing the road, it was getting warm so it could have energy and speed and since its blood was still too cold from the night, it was too sluggish to dodge the oncoming car.

Who knew?

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