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Why the H do we build intolerance?

boring part – Each step in a bodily process requires its own enzyme to get the job done. Digestion – has its own enzyme. Breaking down glucose – has its own enzyme. Our livers filtering good from bad – two enzymes, one for good one for bad…..probably.

interesting part – The more we use a specific enzyme, the more of that enzyme we produce. So if you take adderall every day, the enzyzme that breaks it down will think, “Hey, I’m doing this a lot, I should get more workers.” Then the adderall is broken down quicker, having less effect. Hence, intolerance.

As opposed to someone who has never taken adderall and doesn’t yet have the Adderall Breaker Downer enzyme (is what I like to call it), then the effect is unaffected.

I asked Neil (my Professor) if we make more of this killer enzyme to attack the thing because it is a foreign substance we keep putting into our body and our body is trying to get it out faster. He said, “Nope. That’s just how it is.”



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Asparagus Pee

Professor: “Here are 20 examples of different amino acids. Notice Asparagine. What does that sound like? Yep, asparagus. What happens when you eat Asparagus and then go to the bathroom after? Yeah, by your laughter I can tell half of you know what I’m talking about.

Every single person is affected by the amino acid in asparagus, but only 50% of people have the gene to smell it in urine.”

This explains the blank stare I received from my family members when I joked about our delicious salmon and asparagus dinner about to make our pee smell. It all makes sense now. I’m not a weirdo, they are. I have the gene and they don’t! I can smell the most disgusting smell in high world and they can’t!! Haha, I win.

Oh, wait…..


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